Webinar: What is driving supplier finance? The real data behind supplier adoption

SCF Community, Sept 2020

Professor David Wuttke, from the TUM School of Management, is revealing the results of a ground-breaking, multi-year study of supplier finance based on almost a decade of real data from Orbian.

He is joined by Doug Schoch, responsible for SCF at Siemens, which has one of the world’s longest-running supplier finance programmes and Thomas Dunn, Chairman at Orbian. Together, they will discuss how we can use the lessons of previous SCF programmes to drive success in today’s supplier finance projects.

Watch this one-hour webinar, where you will have a better understanding of the key drivers of supplier adoption speed and be better prepared to succeed in your own supplier finance projects.

Watch the webinar: https://app.livestorm.co/adaugeo-media/whats-driving-supplier-finance-the-real-data-behind-supplier-adoption

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