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Founded by SAP and Citibank in 1999, we are today the leading provider of payables solutions. With the broadest product range in payables solutions, we help global leading companies to improve their working capital. Our proprietary Bank Pool funding structure is established with leading global banks and provides the most scalable, resilient financing solution with a global reach.
Our solutions for working capital optimisation range from various Supply Chain Finance to Payment with Terms solutions that offer extended payment terms to our clients.

Supply Chain Finance

Orbian pays your Suppliers early improving Working Capital and DSO of your Suppliers. Offering SCF to your Suppliers allows your procurement to negotiate longer payment terms with Suppliers improving your DPO and Working Capital.

Payment with Terms

Orbian pays your Suppliers on the due date and offers you a payment term for the repayment to Orbian. Orbian‘s payment protects your liquidity and improves your Working Capital without involving the Supplier.

One Partner, One Platform, All Payables Solutions

Orbian is the only provider in the market offering Supply Chain Finance and Payment with Terms based on Orbian’s proprietary Bank Pool funding structure resulting in highest possible Working Capital improvement at lowest cost to Buyers and Suppliers globally.

Supply Chain Finance

  • Supply Chain Finance pays Suppliers early, which improves Suppliers’ Working Capital
  • Supply Chain Finance allows Supplier to accept longer payment terms, which improves Buyer’s Working Capital

Use Cases:

  • Working Capital improvement for Buyers and Suppliers with no cost to Buyer
  • Suppliers can receive early payments without selling or assigning receivables (no conflict with company / bank restrictions)

Trading on better Terms:

  • Working Capital improvement
  • Fastest roll-out of SCF program in all Buyer and Suppliers jurisdictions
  • Strengthen relationship between Buyer and Suppliers
  • No setup costs, transaction fees or account fees
  • Buyers and Suppliers are never required to open new bank accounts
  • No sale and assignment of receivables required
  • No contract between Suppliers and Orbian required
  • Can be combined with Payment with Terms solution under 1 program

You need an even faster solution to improve Working Capital?

Combine Supply Chain Finance and Payment with Terms to achieve the highest Working Capital optimisation within 3 months.

Payment with Terms

  • Suppliers are paid on the due date
  • Payment with Terms improves Buyer’s Working Capital by paying Orbian on the agreed terms long after Supplier received its payment
  • Buyer pays transaction costs to Orbian

Use Cases:

  • Fastest Working capital improvement for Buyer without involving Suppliers
  • Improving Working Capital without changes to the procurement contract
  • Reduction of COGS by taking advantage of available Supplier discounts while maintaining liquidity

Paying on better Terms:

  • Working Capital improvement
  • Fastest roll-out in all Buyer and Supplier jurisdictions
  • No interaction / contract between Suppliers and Orbian required
  • Can be combined with Supply Chain Finance under 1 program

Bank Pool funding allows funding of programs of any size at most competitive rates

Orbian‘s trustee-protected Bank Pool funding solution allows Buyers to combine the payables solutions that work best for Buyers and their Suppliers. Orbian Supply Chain Finance and Payment with Terms solutions run on the same Orbian platform and have identical technical requirements. Once the Buyer ERP system is configured for the Orbian Payment Run various SCF and PwT solutions can be used.

  • Suppliers are never required to do any technical work
  • Buyers and Suppliers are never required to open new bank accounts
  • Buyers can flexibly choose between Supply Chain Finance and Payment with Terms

We provide comprehensive global coverage to meet your needs everywhere

and only provider of Fixed Rates to protect Suppliers from rising interest rates

times awarded "Best Global Supply Chain Finance Provider (Non-Bank)"

years of industry-leading supply chain finance experience

active Buyer and Supplier countries

billion in trade flows financed to-date for leading Global 500 companies

Where to meet us in 2024

35th Finance Symposium

Conference | 17 – 19 April 2024 | Mannheim, Germany


Neuer Weg der Working Capital-Optimierung: Kunden nutzen Zahlung mit zusätzlichem Zahlungsziel & SCF

17 April – 15:30 – 16:15, Frédéric Chopin (Dorint)


I-4 (in front of the Innovation Area)

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World Procurement Congress

Conference |  14 – 16 May 2024 |  London, United Kingdom

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Group Treasurers' Exchange

Conference | 18 – 19 June 2024 | London, U.K.

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Global Trade Review UK

Conference | 20 June 2024 | London, United Kingdom

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ITFA Annual Conference

Conference | 4 – 6 September 2024 | Limassol, Cyprus

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Treasury & Finance Convention

Conference | 11 – 13 September 2024 | Schladming, Austria

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Working Capital Forum

Conference | 5 November 2024 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Global Trade Review US

Conference | 7 November 2024 | New York, United States

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Global Trade Review Nordics

Conference | 27 November 2024 | Stockholm, Sweden

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Structured Finance

Conference | 27 – 28 November 2024 | Stuttgart, Germany

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Orbian Awards

For the 5. year in a row and 13 times overall, Orbian was recognized as the World’s Best Supply Chain Finance Provider (non-bank) by Global Finance Magazine.

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