Orbian’s Strategic Direction for 2022

In respect of our strategic direction for 2022, Orbian will focus on several important key areas to better serve our clients and continue to provide leadership to the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) industry.

Using data to develop innovation 

Data underpins the strategy decisions of all companies. Over the last 20 years, Orbian has developed a unique and rich dataset reflecting SCF behaviors among buyers and suppliers. We leverage this data to enhance our products and services. One significant development derived from our data is the implementation and expansion of our fixed charge offering. Fixed charges empower suppliers by providing them the choice to lock in the flat charge they pay for early payment discounts over a defined period (usually guaranteed for one year). This gives the supplier cost-certainty versus a program price based on fluctuating reference rates. Orbian’s unique fixed charge offering has crucial implications for the way buyers and suppliers negotiate the broadest collaborative benefits of their SCF program and their overall procurement relationship.

SCF’s role in the green transition 

It is our role to provide a suite of services that allow buyers and their suppliers to collaborate to best meet their goals. These goals increasingly involve ESG considerations. Following a major ESG initiative completed in 2020, we were proud to release Orbian’s first ESG Report in March 2021. Surveying our suppliers in over 60 countries and in 22 different industries, the report includes a review of the status of the ESG agenda of all Orbian clients. The report also includes an overview of how SCF can assist to further an ESG agenda.

SCF providers have a decisive role to play in the green transition. Implementing Orbian SCF does not require a trade-off between working capital enhancement and an ESG agenda. This is connected to a broader Orbian principle: cooperatively and responsively serving the needs of large-scale organizations and their supply chains.

Focusing on our key differentiators

Orbian’s sole focus is SCF. Orbian facilitates transactions between the largest companies in the world and their suppliers. The experience of our management team, our staff retention rate, and the stability of our ownership all help us to focus on the needs of our clients. We are the stewards of the relationship among our buyers, their suppliers, and the many sources of program funding. Our priority is to serve our existing clients. This service focus is inculcated as a core value across the entire Orbian organisation. 

As we look to 2022, Orbian commits to keep service priority at the forefront of our business. We are privileged to work with an ever-increasing number of the world’s most well-known and industry-leading corporations. We are intensely proud of the trust that our clients show in us every day: a trust that is based on their recognition of the culture of service excellence that underpins Orbian’s business.

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