A New Dawn for the Climate Economy

TXF TV, March 2021

In this session broadcasted on TXF, Peter McKillop, Founder of Climate & Capital Media and Thomas Dunn, Chairman at Orbian discussed green economy, the impact of the Biden presidency on the climate agenda, the continuing impact of the Covid pandemic, the mainstreaming of climate considerations within the investment agenda and the emerging risks of “bad actors” and “greenwashing”.

Supply chains are one of the most important levers for businesses to have a positive impact across a broad ESG agenda. In November 2020, we launched a major initiative to collect data to create a profile of our transactions and our suppliers as to this broad agenda. This initiative confirms Orbian’s commitment to continue the important thought leadership work we have started on sustainable Supply Chain Finance and to become a key ESG player in the financial sector.

Download the Orbian ESG Report here: https://orbian.com/research-report/

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