Orbian Wins World’s Best Supply Chain Finance Provider (Non-Bank) For The 11th Time!

Global Finance Magazine, January 2022

Orbian received the Global Finance Magazine award for Best Supply Chain Finance Provider (non-bank) for the 11th time. Global Finance Magazine’s judging panel recognised Orbian for our proven leadership, long-standing reputation and innovative Supply Chain Finance solutions.

Fintechs in SCF come and go, but Orbian, founded in 1999 by Citi and enterprise-software provider SAP, continues its mainstay status. The company focuses on supporting buyer-led SCF programs via innovations, such as Express SCF, that are designed to make SCF accessible to all suppliers regardless of their size or location.

Alongside its traditional SCF programs, which Orbian offers in more than 50 countries, Express SCF facilitates early payment in more than 100 countries. The fintech also recently launched a fixed rate offering—an alternative to pricing programs based on Libor or other floating-rate mechanisms—that lets suppliers lock in a rate on any discounts for up to five years. It is 20 years’ worth of collected data, permitting better risk modelling, that makes such a service possible, according to Orbian.”

Orbian’s Chairman, Thomas Dunn, proudly accepted this prestigious award acknowledging the key factors that make Orbian the leading provider of Supply Chain Finance services, world-wide.

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