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About Us

Orbian is the world's leading Supply Chain Finance company

Orbian is the world's leading Supply Chain Finance (SCF) company. Our innovative, six-sigma approach to SCF delivers significant benefits to our clients not available through any other SCF offering, whether provided by the world's leading financial institutions or technology provider.

Orbian was conceived and developed in the late 1990's as a joint venture between global leaders in financial services and enterprise software. Orbian became an independent, private company when its current owners purchased the company in 2003.

In 2004, Orbian launched its universal funding structure that, combined with the company's state of the art SCF technology platform, allows Orbian to offer comprehensive SCF solutions and services to its large corporate clients globally.

The universal funding structure allows Orbian to offer programs with virtually unlimited funding capacity, while mitigating the funding and operational risks inherent in all other SCF offerings.

Further, Orbian's trust-protected payment structure mitigates any Orbian payment risk as well as any bank failure risk: risks that are not mitigated by any other SCF provider.

Orbian is comprised of top talent from the world's leaders in finance, technology and customer service.

Orbian is headquartered in Carlsbad (California - US) with global operations located in London (UK) and an office in Munich (Germany). In addition to its direct sales force, Orbian distributes its solution through several strategic partners that include many of the world's leading financial institutions and technology companies.

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